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Lilac Rain

Lilac Rain


"Lilac Rain" - designed to help you look and feel your best even on those rainy days.


With our stunning, eye-catching lashes, you'll be ready to take on the world, rain or shine. Embrace your natural beauty, enhance your lashes, and create a stunning, unforgettable look with our amazing product. Try "Lilac Rain" today and discover how you can sparkle and shine, no matter what the weather may bring.


Join us at Tally Lashes and let "Lilac Rain" be your secret weapon for looking and feeling your best, even on those gloomy days. With our exceptional product, you'll always be ready to face the world with confidence and style.

  • Product Specification

    • Premium Quality Lashes
    • Silk Fibre Material
    • Ultra Realistic Look
    • Natural Aesthetic
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