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Love Bomb

Love Bomb


"Love Bomb" - designed to help you look and feel your best while navigating the complex world of relationships.


At Tally Lashes, we understand the allure of being swept off your feet, but we also know the importance of staying independent and not falling victim to love bombing. Our "Love Bomb" extensions are carefully crafted to give you a stunning, eye-catching look while reminding you to stay true to yourself and not be naive to the tactics of love bombing.


Join us at Tally Lashes and let "Love Bomb" be your secret weapon for staying true to yourself while looking and feeling your best. Embrace your natural beauty, enhance your lashes, and create a stunning, unforgettable look with our amazing product. Try "Love Bomb" today and be confident in yourself, and your relationships!

  • Product Specification

    • Premium Quality Lashes
    • Silk Fibre Material
    • Ultra Realistic Look
    • Natural Aesthetic
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